2012 JIT Results

BBC sent two coaches, Paz Ben-Sira and Nick Jinadasa, with five of our best athletes to the 2012 Junior International Trials (JIT).

BBC is proud to announce that out of a large pool of 150+ players this year, four (4) of our very own students qualified!

The results are as follows. Click here for the full results.

Vicky Chen

U17 GD, 1st place (qualified)
U17 GS, 3rd place (qualified)
U17 MX 7th place

Christine Chen

U19 MX, 4th place (qualified)
U19 GS, 4th place (qualified)
U19 GD, 3rd place

Jenny Jin

U17 MX 3rd place (qualified)
U19 GD, 3rd place

Benjamin Chen

U15 BS, 4th place (qualified)
U15 MX, 6th place

Rochelle Ng

U19 MX, 6th place
U19 GS, 7th place