BallButton FAQ

How to book:

1. How many times/how often can you book? You may book one outstanding reservation on the schedule at a time. For example, if you want to play Monday and Wednesday, you may book for Monday. Once you are done playing on Monday then you may book for Wednesday. The further out you book the more available court space will be. It may be hard to book same-day or next-day at certain locations.

You may also only make 4 court reservations per week per person from Sunday to Saturday. On Sunday your count will refresh back to 4. If you play twice in one day it still counts as two reservations.

2. What is your cancelation policy? You may cancel your court booking up to 24 hours before your court time. If it is within the 24 hour time period, you may email us at to cancel your booking.

3. How many times can I play a day? There is no restriction on how many times you can play per day, just a restriction on how many outstanding bookings you can have on the schedule, which is 1. 

4. Can I substitute players or add players to my reservation? Members are not able to modify an existing reservation, and players may not be added to an existing reservation. If you book a court for 2 players you may potentially substitute a player, but you may not add players to the reservation. To substitute a player members must contact the front desk in a timely fashion. The front desk may substitute a player if that player is eligible for substitution. To prevent the reservation system from being abused, if it is within 24 hours of the booking’s start time, the player substituting must have been eligible to be added to the reservation AT THE TIME THE COURT WAS BOOKED. For example, if I make a booking on the 15th to play on the 20th, any substitute added must have had no reservations on the schedule since the time the court was booked (the 15th), including future bookings. To make a substitution please email or call the front desk .

5. When booking, how do I know which player I am booking if my friend has the same name as another member? Each member will have the ability to have their own profile picture as well as their own username. Make sure you communicate with your friends to know their username or be able to recognize their profile picture. Currently you can view your upcoming reservations in the “My Courts” section of the app. You will not be able to see who you are playing with, but we are working with the developers to make that viewable.

6. I am a parent and would like to book for my child(ren) to play with their friends, how can I book for them? If you are the head of the family account, you may book for anybody in your family by clicking your name on the top right corner of the app after selecting a court for booking. A list of names of the people under your family account will appear and by clicking the name, you can now book a court on their behalf.

7. I have a family account but not everybody under my account is showing up. How do I add my family member(s) under my account so I may reserve courts for them? If members are missing from your family account, please contact with the family members missing and we will add them to your BallButton account.

8. I can’t see who booked me for a court or who I’m playing with. The developers are also working on this so that when a court is booked you can see who is on your court. Currently you can only see the location, day, and time.

9. Booking Violations. If any of the following violations are discovered to have been made, all players associated with the violation will have their weekly court allowance lowered from 4 to 3 for the remainder of the week plus one additional full week. Any subsequent violations will result in a lowering of the weekly booking allowance by one additional instance. Booking violations are listed below. Please keep in mind Ballbutton may allow you book using these practices, but our staff will be monitoring for violations.

-Using another family member’s, friend’s, or guest’s name to block/hold a court with the intent of cancelling/rebooking with different names.

-Booking a court with 2-3 people and adding another person’s name after they finish playing and become available.

-Not showing up for your court booking without cancelling in a timely manner or notifying our staff in a timely manner. Contacting us to cancel right before your court reservation does not count as timely notice.

-Asking a staff member to cancel a reservation for you, and then booking the court again immediately after.

-If there is a booking violation, a $15+tax drop-in fee/fine will be charged to your account.

We may be adjusting and modifying the rules as our staff and membership use Ballbutton more and more over the coming weeks to keep the booking process as stress-free as possible. The Bellevue Badminton Club reserves the right to modify the booking rules and conditions at any time, as well as to administer disciplinary measures such as temporary bans of booking privileges to enforce correct use of the system. Please do not ask for exceptions to these rules. The same rules apply to all members and are in place so that the Bellevue Badminton Club staff does not have to make judgement calls and grant exceptions.

Last update 3/10/21