Junior Program Policies and Safety


Students will initially be placed in a class deemed appropriate for their level by doing a 1-on-1
assessment with a head coach. These can be scheduled at the front desk for times usually taking place at
the beginning of another class, and a prospective student may request a review by another coach.


For promotion from Smash 1 to Smash 2, or Competitor 1 to Competitor 2, players will undergo in-class
assessments according to our standards and values assessment instrument. These can also be measured
at our Jamborees for students of all levels. For promotion between all other classes, students are
assessed during class time and their results are discussed by our coaching team. All coaches are invited to
have their feedback reviewed, with the final decision being made by a head coach. No student that is
taking private lessons with a coach will be reviewed for promotion by that coach.


To maintain a safe environment for all students, coaches, and parents, we have a set of policies based
on our collaboration with SafeSport, the governing body surrounding safety in US Olympic sports.
There must always be at least two adults in the gym if there is only one minor student present (such as a
private lesson). This goes for all interactions between coaches/administrators and our junior students.
Coaches may not give a ride to an individual student to or from group or private lessons.
Coaches will treat all students fairly and without prejudice, with the intention of keeping our badminton
clubs a safe environment for all people on physical, emotional, and psychological levels.

If you or someone you know has a complaint or any other issue related to any of these topics, you can
reach out to any of our coaches in-person, via email or phone. Other options include talking directly to our
owner Geoff Stensland geoff@chemesolutions.com or reaching out directly to SafeSport through their
online reporting website https://safesport.org/report-a-concern.

We aim to make our badminton clubs a safe and friendly environment for everyone. Please let us
know if you have any ideas for improvement in this area!