How to Register for Ladders

  1. Log in to Badminton America ( (If you haven’t created an account, click “Sign Up” at the top right hand corner.)
  2. You will reach your Dashboard once you’ve logged in. On your dashboard,  you’ll see two lists:  Upcoming Ladders (Member Only) and Upcoming Ladders (Drop In).
  3. Details about the ladders can be found by clicking on the title of the ladder.
  4. Click on the slider under the Register column to register for that ladder. The slider will turn green signifying you’ve registered for that ladder.
    1. Please note that if you’re registering for a Member Only ladder, you’ll need to add your Membership ID by clicking on Settings on the left menu, and then click on the Membership Details tab. Selected “Bellevue Badminton Club” on the drop-down menu, enter your Membership ID in the “Membership Id” and click the save button under the “Action” column. (If you’ve signed up for membership, you should have received your Membership ID in your welcome email and it is also located on your membership card underneath your photo.)
    2. If you’re registering for a fixed partner ladder, such as the Monday Open Doubles ladder, after you click the slider, a window will pop up asking you to Find a Partner OR Request Partner. If you are not signing up with a partner, check the “Request Partner” box.
    3. If you are registering with a partner, type in your partner’s name. The search results will appear underneath, just above the “Close Window” button. Click your partner’s name from the list to select as your partner. Only one of you needs to register for you and your partner.
  5. A confirmation message will appear with important instructions. Read over the instructions and then click “Yes” to confirm your registration.
  6. Follow the instructions for check-in and arrival.
  7. Have fun!