January Club Update

Welcome back from the holidays!  We are in full swing at the Bellevue Badminton Club!  Our junior program continues at near capacity levels as our junior teams get their final push to train for the up coming junior nationals.  Our adult program is also doing well with a very good turnout for our intermediate adult training class.

Holiday Turkey Bowl Team Competition

The first turkey bowl (after turkey holidaze!) team competition is under way.  The Adult Division C is full!

Make your teams for the family (adults and juniors) events coming up! Play with your kid and have fun!

Badminton Ambassador Program

We have instituted a badminton ambassador program where each weekday night we have one of our senior pros there to help keep play organized and also to welcome new players to the Club.  Make sure you say high to Paz Ben-Sira, Huaiwen Xu, Boris Poon, Kenny Lu and Geoff Stensland.

Match and Meet Players Program

Match and meet players program is also underway using the Evite program. We will be sending out invites for Mondays and Thursday evenings, and Saturday and Sunday mornings. The initial invite (Monday, 1/17/11, 7pm – 9pm) will be sent out to all members, so we can all get an idea how it works. To choose the invite list you’d like to be added to, please submit your request here.  We will then send out an Evite (invitation via Evite.com) to all those who have indicated that time is good for them.  Make sure to respond and others will know that there will be a good turn out for playing.  Our gratitude for this new program goes out to Kevin Yu for this idea and the great start on Thursdays. Our courts are full.

Currently, the best time to play is Monday night.  Get together and come down.  I will be there.

Second Floor

We are working on our construction plans for the second floor and we need your input on what would be the best use for is area.  Please submit your suggestions by clicking here.

Cheers to all, and see you on the courts!

Geoff Stensland
Bellevue Badminton Club, LLC.