Mukilteo Location Court Availability for Weekend of 8/30/19-9/2/19

Harbour Pointe Badminton Club will be hosting over 300 junior participants in the 2019 NW Open Regional Championships the weekend of 8/31/19-9/2/19!

Courts will be closed to all drop-ins on Friday, 8/30/19. Members will have 4 courts to use from 5pm-10pm. Participants at the tournament will have priority to the courts on Friday.

Members can play 6am-8am on Saturday 8/31 and Sunday 9/1. Courts are closed to drop-in and members after 8am on Saturday, 8/31, and Sunday, 9/1.

On Monday 9/2, the club is closed to the public in observance of the Labor Day holiday, but members can play after 6pm.

Sign Up for Umpiring

If you have not signed up yet, please take a look to see if you are able to pick up any shifts or even part of a shift would be helpful! All volunteers get a FREE shirt!

If you or someone you know is available, please use the link below to sign up.

Why become an umpire?

  • You get the closest seat to the matches!
  • It’s a great way for parents and students to be involved with the sport and local tournaments.
  • Your meals are on us! Free refreshments as well!
  • We will also pay per shift you volunteer as an umpire! ($35/shift; Monday $40)
  • You get to call the shots for the match you’re assigned to!

Click the button below to sign up for your shifts.

Volunteer Opportunities

Not an umpire but would like to help out? We have open volunteer shifts! Note that all volunteers are backup line judges and will be asked to help out when necessary.

We have the following volunteer shifts:

  • Sat. 8/31 8:30am-3pm
  • Sat. 8/31 2:30pm-9:30pm
  • Sun. 9/1 8:30am-4pm
  • Mon. 9/2 8:30am-4pm

The positions we need filled are:

  • Line Judges. Line judges are needed early in the morning for the first matches. All volunteers are backup line judges, but volunteers may also choose to be a full time line judge during their volunteer hours. You get one of the best seats for the match!
  • Facility Maintenance. This volunteer will help make sure the restroom is stocked with toilet paper, wipe down the sink when it is wet, and make sure the trash is emptied when necessary. This volunteer will also help keep an eye on the large trash and recycle bins in the main facility, making sure it is emptied when necessary. This position doesn’t require the volunteer to be stationary, so the volunteer may watch games and simply set a timer to do the routine check ins on the restroom and trash/recycle bins.
  • Staging Coordinator. This volunteer will help with checking in players that are in the next round of matches and will stay in the staging area the whole time.

Questions about volunteering?

Contact Jenny Lam at