Parent Meeting Summary

Dear BBC Parents,

We want to thank those that were able to join us at our meeting on Wednesday, December 12th.  Your candid feedback was appreciated.

The following summary is provided to clarify current practices as well as further detail action items discussed at our last parent meeting:

  1. Ongoing Coach/Staff Awareness Training:  Training is required for all coaches, staff and management.  National training requirements must be updated at a minimum of every two years and completion will be monitored on an ongoing basis.  We will also provide supplemental training by industry experts.
  2. Student Awareness Training:  Student awareness training will be implemented to encourage identification and reporting of inappropriate sportsman behavior.  We recommend this training be completed each January.  Parents are encouraged to participate as well.  We will also incorporate other avenues for educational awareness when possible.
  3. Communication Protocol:  We are investigating a transition to a digital communication tool that will archive correspondence history and shield contact information such as phone numbers and email addresses.  Specifically, we are looking at the Remind app which is actively used by schools and other sports programs.  We have incorporated two-layer deep (two adults included) communication by including a 2nd coach or parent in communications addressed to students.
  4. Incident Report Link on Website:  We will add a hyperlink on the BBC website to provide quick access to an incident report form. The goal is to encourage timely communication of any breaches of behavioral protocol. Reports may be provided anonymously if desired.
  5. Counseling:  Please contact Jenny Lam for counseling information.
  6. Parent Group:  We appreciate that several parents have responded to serve as liaison with BBC staff. Ideally this arrangement encourages increased communication and strengthens our badminton community. We expect to have more information on this topic for our next meeting.
  7. Management Staff:  We expect to augment our management team with an additional non-coach staff member in early 2019.  This individual will provide additional onsite leadership support and report directly to the club president.

If you have any feedback you would like to share, please feel free to reach out directly to me or one of our staff members. Contact information may be found on the BBC website staff directory.

We plan on having a closed parent & student meeting some time in January 2019. Notice for this meeting will be sent out to parents once the date and time is finalized.

Thank you for your continued support of BBC.


Geoff Stensland
Bellevue Badminton Club