Bobo Guo

Bobo Guo

Bobo Guo, Coach

Coach Bobo is from Guangzhou, China. She has been training and playing badminton since middle school, where she fell in love with the sport. She gained traditional and professional skills and techniques from her first coach, who was the men’s single champion of Guangdong province after migrating back to China from Indonesia just like another famous player, Tang Xianhu.

Coach Bobo has more than 10 years coaching experience and is extremely patient and encouraging, wanting only the best for each student. She is passionate about badminton and brings this passion to each student and each teaching session, whether for drilling or match play. Her personalized approach to coaching allows students to progress in a style and at a pace that is best suited for them. Starting with shot technique, footwork and conditioning and moving on to strategy of play and rotation, she balances lessons to fit each person’s current level of ability.

She enjoys working with a wide range of ages, from students as young as five to students well into their 70’s. She fosters sportsmanship, strong play and enjoyment of the game.

Coach Bobo is a certified Amateur Coach of the Chinese Badminton Association and a certified level 1 sport performance coach of USA Badminton, with CPR certification, fluency in Mandarin, Cantonese and English.

On her spare time, you’ll find her on the courts playing, so do not hesitate to say hi!