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Stringing Service

We offer fast, consistent, professional stringing service for badminton rackets on-site at the Bellevue Badminton Club, and have been for over 10 years. There are five string types to choose from or you may provide your own strings for service at $13/racket + tax.

For your convenience, you may drop off your racket for stringing 7 days a week during our business hours. We guarantee your racket will be ready for pick up within 7 days, but usually you are able to pick it up sooner.

Please provide the following information when you turn in your racket:

  • Your first and last name
  • String type
  • String tension in lbs (or kg)
  • Contact information (phone number and/or email)
  • Payment (cash, check, all major credit cards are accepted)

$17.99 /racket + tax Yonex BG-65

  • white
  • blue
  • yellow

$20.99 /racket + tax Yonex BG-66Ultimax

  • white
  • yellow

$19.99 /racket + tax Yonex BG-68ti

  • white

$20.99 /racket + tax Yonex BG-80

  • white

$22.99 /racket + tax Yonex Nanogy 95

  • cosmic gold
Disclaimer: BBC is not responsible for any damage to the racket or strings provided if the tension requested is higher than the manufacturer recommended tension, which is usually printed on the racket itself.