Shuttle Information

Yonex AS-30

The Aerosensa 30 is part of Yonex’s premier line of shuttlecocks that is used in major tournaments worldwide. Sporting high-quality goose feathers and a solid, natural cork, the AS-30 is highly regarded for its consistent flight quality while maintaining great durability. Due to these qualities, the AS-30 is a popular shuttlecock for many club players around the world. 

-tournament grade, used in major tournaments worldwide
-goose feather, good quality (carefully picked/crafted/designed)
-100% solid natural cork 
-consistent flight quality/stability while sporting good durability
-popular with our coaching staff

Yonex AS-40

The Aerosensa 40 is part of Yonex’s premier line of shuttlecocks that is used in major tournaments worldwide. Yonex carefully selects only the highest-quality goose feathers and natural corks to craft the AS-40. Meticulously engineered to maximize flight quality, the AS-40 boasts a higher flight consistency and durability  than the AS-30. 

Yonex AS-50

The Aerosensa 50 is the flagship of Yonex’s premier line of shuttlecocks. Under Yonex’s already high standards of shuttlecocks, the AS-50 stands above the rest in terms of flight quality, consistency, and durability. The Aerosensa 50 is widely considered to be the best shuttlecock in the world, and is used by professional players in the most prestigious BWF tournaments around the world.

Victor Champion #1 Shuttles (Green)

The Victor Champion No. 1 is the top of the range duck feather shuttlecock. Made from grade A duck feathers and a composite cork base, the Champion No. 1 enjoys accurate flight consistency and durability, and is best used for recreational play.

Victor Master #1 Shuttles

The Victor Master No.1 is a premier badminton shuttlecock from the Victor Master series.  It is approved by the BWF for international tournaments as well as being equipped with the highest quality goose feathers the Master No.1 is highly rated for it’s flight consistency and overall durability.

Victor Master #3

The Victor Master No. 3 is a premier badminton shuttlecock from the Victor Master series. The Master No. 3 is perfect for players looking for a high quality shuttlecock made with goose feathers. Delivering great flight and durability, these shuttlecocks are very popular for both recreational and club players around the world for their excellent durability.

Yonex Mavis 2000

The Yonex Mavis 2000 is the best nylon shuttlecock Yonex has to offer. Offering improved designs over its predecessors, the Mavis 2000 allows for better spin and durability, closely resembling the flight of regular feather shuttlecocks. The Mavis 2000 is perfect for recreational players looking for a high quality nylon shuttlecock to play with.

Victor Air Badminton Shuttle

The Victor Air Badminton Shuttle flies remarkably well outdoors and is designed to be less susceptible to side-wins than a normal shuttle, making for a very enjoyable experience rallying outdoors. Air Badminton shuttles are made of a hard plastic cork and a softer plastic material for the cone. The flight of an Air Badminton Shuttle closely resembles that of a feather shuttle, but travels much faster and will travel a few feet further than a feather shuttle when tested side by side.

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