We’re Back and Open!

We have some exciting news given the guidelines passed down from the governor’s office earlier this week. All locations of the Bellevue Badminton Club will open on Monday, January 11thfor member court reservations, and all Jr classes will return except for the Smash and Competitor recreational classes. Adult Class will resume at a later date – stay tuned!

Even though we are opening on the 11th, membership dues will not be charged until the 25th of January. If you want to change the status of your membership you will have until our office closes on the 24th to provide written notice and return your membership cards. On Monday the 25th all memberships will resume where they left off at a prorated rate for the month of January. If you were not an active member but would like to play before the 25th of January we can activate your membership following normal procedures. Guests, or Drop-ins, will not be allowed at this time. We will make an announcement when this changes.

For members who have pre-paid membership dues, 2 months will be added to your memberships to account for the closures. For our Jr Classes, we will complete the last few weeks of Session 6 that was cut short, and will open up registration for an abbreviated session 1 soon. Stay tuned for that announcement. All ladders will be paused temporarily as well, and their resumption will be announced at a later date as well.

The club will open similarly to how we did back in June with a reduced number of courts before easing more courts back into operation. Please check the Ballbutton app for court availability. For the time being, only one simultaneous booking may occur on the schedule, however you can still book up to 4 times per week. You will have the ability to book a court Saturday, Jan 9 at 9am.

The Bellevue Badminton Club and our staff have made safety and adherence to state guidelines a top priority, following data, direct professional advice, along with adjusting to new information in order to create a safe environment to play badminton. Badminton is classified as a low-risk sport; however we greatly appreciate everyone’s willingness to adhere to the safety protocols which helps keeps you safe, the club open, and the community strong.

Looking forward to seeing you back on the courts for a great 2021!

The Leadership Team
Bellevue Badminton Club