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Badminton Classes are a fun way to get fit while playing a fast-paced, non-contact sport for all ages and skill levels. Our goal is to create a safe, high-energy environment for juniors to learn and practice new techniques, promote good sportsmanship. We expect our students to focus, ask questions, and exercise good sportsmanship in order to benefit the most from each class.

Our classes are structured in 8 week sessions, but new students are welcome to join at any time during the session. We found that the students who improve the most take what they learn during class and practice outside of class time. Discounted rates are offered for students who are also members to encourage practice outside of class hours.

  • All shuttles will be provided for class.
  • Each student will need a racket and non-marking, indoor court shoes.
  • A limited supply of rackets and/or shoes are available for rent. Please check with the location for specifics.

Junior Program

Juniors are considered ages 4-18, or grades 1-12. New students who have had professional training with a coach would require an assessment to get started. All new students with no experience, high school gym experience, or high/middle school badminton club/team experience will start in the Mini, Smash 1, or Competitor 1 classes depending on age. Please see the chart below to help determine whether your child needs an assessment.

There are two different pathways to better fit the needs of each student: Recreational Classes and Competitive Training.

Recreational Classes

Do you want to learn how to play badminton better so that you can have more fun during games? Is your goal to get into Varsity in your school badminton club? Or are you just looking to keep fit while having fun? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you should join our Recreational Classes!

Our Recreational Classes emphasize having fun while still touching upon key foundations of badminton so that students can progress at their own pace. All students new to the game of badminton will start in Smash 1 or Competitor 1 with their pathway to continue with Recreational Classes. A student could be invited into Competitive Training as the student develops their skills and show a commitment to our training program, proving that they are willing to change, transform, improve, or excel, have a good attitude towards training, and express an interest in being more competitive.

Competitive Training

Are you a hard-working and self-motivated badminton player gunning for first place in the next local, regional, national, or international tournament? Do you find yourself wanting to do more training versus just playing games? If you have the motivation and willingness to improve your game and hone in on your technique and tactics, then Competitive Training is for you! Our training will be structured to place emphasis on improving tactics, technique, and physical abilities. Coaches will be more hands-on with the students by feeding more drills and providing more feedback. Competitive students will need to meet a minimum requirement of how many times they train a week (dependent on age & level), competing in a minimum amount of sanctioned tournaments throughout the year (dependent on age & level), along with playing in our Junior Ladder. 

For the first session, Sep-Oct 2019, Super Training (Super Smash, Super Competitor, & Super Elite) will be a trial for all students who are willing to commit and have the right attitude. Coaches will have a higher expectation on the student and the student must be able to stay within our culture of training. If the student does not meet the criteria defined in Competitive Training, the student and their parents will be informed. The student will have the opportunity to improve their performance/attitude in class before being moved to the Recreational Classes.

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Adult Program

We offer adult classes at Bellevue and Harbour Pointe (Mukilteo). For more information, click the title or the links on the right menu.