Junior Program Registration Form

Session 3 2021 registration form will appear once registration opens. All current students will receive an email with registration details as well as session information.
For returning students registration starts Monday, 4/19/21 for Session 3. For NEW students, registration starts Thursday, 4/22/21 for Session 3. Please Click the link below for instructions to enroll for first-time new students. Registrations will be processed in the order they are received, however, new student registrations will not be processed prior to the first Thursday after registration opens. If the session has already begun, new student registrations will be processed immediately.

If you are a NEW STUDENT please CLICK HERE


  1. Turn in signed waiver & release. Please log into the member portal and sign the Junior Waiver Form. This must be done on behalf of each student. Please make sure all personal and contact information is accurate and up to date. You may edit your information on your profile at any time. Once received, we’ll be able to process your registration below.
  2. Have a credit/debit card on file.  A credit/debit card is required to use register online with this form and you will need the last four digits of the credit/debit card on file. If you are unsure or need to add one, please log in to your account to see which one you have on file.  If you’d prefer not to keep a credit card on file, simply add your card, but leave the Account Name for this card as “Account #1”. 
  3. Review schedule for next session. The schedule and tuition may be slightly different each session, so please review it before registering. Session information can be found at the bottom of the Junior Group Classes page.
  4. Complete the registration form below. (Scroll down to access the form.)


  • Session 3 2021 will be 7 weeks long instead of the usual 8 week session, running from 5/3/21 – 6/20/21.
  • Register by Friday, 4/23/21, to receive the 5% early bird discount!
  • Smash and Competitor students may take either the General Skills Class which will feature drills and exercises that are essential to all Smash and Competitor levels, or the Focused Training class which will focus on development specific to each level. The best way to improve would be to take one of each class.
  • Students taking both General Skills and Focused Training will only need to pay one sign up fee.
  • One more Competitor 1 and Competitor 2 Focused Training class added in Bellevue.
  • Partial registrations will be processed starting Monday, May 3rd.
  • The location of classes may be subject to change as the session progresses.

Most importantly, above all else, safety is our number one concern. We will continue to implement and enforce our strict check-in protocol in order to maintain a high level of safety. Please view the video below to learn how our check-in procedures work.

When registering, please provide a second choice of class day and time, if possible, to help prevent additional delay in your registration.

Click Here for the Session 3 Registration Form