Court Reservation Update

After the first week of using the reservation app, Ballbutton, we have decided to make a few changes in the app and on the courts that will relieve the stress of booking a court and allow you to focus on playing rather then the logistics of court reservations.

ATTENTION: Updates have been made to the Ballbutton booking app. Please update to the latest version of the app if you do not have auto-updates on your mobile device.

Instead of restricting members to 4 bookings per week, we will go back to a method similar to our previous system. Starting Wednesday, September 16, members will be allowed to have 2 outstanding court reservations on the schedule. Once you have finished playing a reservation, or if you cancel one reservation, you will be able to book another court. These rules will take effect on Wednesday the 16th, however if you already have more than two reservations on the schedule your current reservations will remain intact.

Under this rule change, as it uses similar logic to our previous system, you will still not be able to modify your existing reservations. Please plan accordingly and book all the players you wish to play with on court. Cancellation of your reservation must occur in advance of 24 hours to your reservation’s start time. One new addition with this rule is that you now may now potentially play two time slots in one day with these booking rules. The further in advance you book, the more likely you are to get your desired time, day, and location.

As some of you may know, if you play ladders that does not count as a court reservation. If you sign up for the ladder you do not have to worry about finding a partner to play with since we will arrange the games for you. We have seen our ladders become increasingly popular recently and have decided to add another Thursday ladder that mirrors the time and format of the current Thursday ladder in Renton, as well as adding two more Singles ladders in Renton on Sunday. One singles ladder will be for Junior Members only, excluding Junior’s placed in High Performance 1 and 2. The other singles ladder will be for Adults and Junior members in High Performance 1 and 2. All courts may be used for the ladders since distancing can be more easily maintained during singles matches.

Thursday, 8pm @ Mukilteo:        Open Fixed Partner Ladder

Sunday, 6pm @ Renton:               Jr Singles Ladder

Sunday, 7:30 @ Renton:                Adult and HP Jr Singles Ladder

We will also be adding additional 6am morning times in Bellevue. These morning times will occur at the same time as our morning high performance training and one of our coaches will conduct the check-in procedures and no staff will be available at the front desk after check-in. If you are playing during this time slot you must arrive promptly for check-in otherwise you may not be let in to the facility. Thank you for your understanding. Please check the Ballbutton app for Availability of morning times in Bellevue.

In order to accommodate the needs of our members we will be modifying the layout of our clubs. Seating for members will be distributed slightly differently while simultaneously maintaining social distancing and providing two additional courts for play at each location. We have been exceeding the recommended state guidelines thus far, and with this new change we will still be exceeding the standards of the state guidelines as your health and safety continues to be our top priority. Please refer to the images attached for the new modified court and seating layouts.

As you play on court, we would like to ask our members to please respect the start and end times provided. In order to efficiently sanitize our high-touch areas between reservations we ask that all members exit within five minutes of the reservation end time. We need this time to prepare for the next group of players. It is fantastic that everyone is able to socialize, but we do need to clear the courts and will encourage that socialization to occur outside. If we are not able to sanitize and start the next group on time we might need to reduce the reservation time to 70 minutes – we are confident no one wants a shortened play time, so let’s please work together to exit promptly.

Thank you all for your support as we continue to improve our online booking experience. It has always been our goal to not only have great badminton courts where you can exercise and get a good workout, but also to grow and foster a community of families and friends through a sport that be enjoyed at any age. We appreciate your feedback and willingness to participate in and strengthen our community.

See you on the courts

-BBC Management Team